Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mammillaria Grahamii a.k.a. Fish Hook Cactus

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Here's one of my Cactus Collection, the Mammillaria Grahamii also known as Fish Hook Cactus

It's called Fish Hook Cactus because it's tubercle looks like a Fish Hook. The Mammillaria Grahamii's central spine is slightly curved and dark. It's spines are straight and whitish in color.

It's soil mixture are garden soil, rice hull and small stones, topped with lava rocks... I water them with rain water once a week or tapped water if it's not raining for a long time... ;)

These two fish hook cactus has been with me for a year already and I am eager to see if it's flowers are pink or yellow. I hope it will bloom soon... :)

If you are a Cactus and Succulent collector and you're from Davao or Mindanao, you can message me and I'll add you into our group. We'll be having our second meet-up this month of February and I am excited to see and meet some new members from Davao City and nearby places. There will a "Raffle" and I will be donating this cutie li'l aloe for the raffle. It has a new baby coming up and I hope it's soon to be owner will love and take care of this too... Some members also donated pots, pebbles, cactus, succulents, dish garden, etc. So, I think, no one will leave empty handed on our upcoming meet-up... :)

I don't have it's specific name, all i know is it's from the Aloe Family... So, if you know what kind of an aloe is this, kindly leave a comment below. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! ;)



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